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Surgery Advice - considering FUE

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I've been reading this forum for a while but not posted before.


I have some pretty widespread hair loss. I'm 30 and have been losing my hair since the age of 16. It's progressed very slowly over the past few years and I've been using Rogaine Foam for a year which seems to have halted further loss.


I'm now considering a large FUE session and was seeking some advice. I'm considering going for 4000 grafts with Dr Doganay.


I've attached some images of my current hair loss. My hair is cut pretty short just now to try and make it look a bit better, however if I let it grow the donor area is still pretty thick.


I guess I'm looking to see what sort of results people thing I could expect.





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Just came back from Turkey with Dr. Hakan Doganay perhaps interesting for you too read;




Anyway your hair color is close to your skin color as it seems from the pictures here. That is good as that gives a better appearance of the hair coverage. I think you should have some pretty good results with 4000 grafts depending on your goal obviously. E-mail your pictures in high resolution to the dr. and he will tell you what is possible depending on your goals. Always handy to ask for 2nd opinion too in my opinion, with a qualified surgeon in your own country. Personally I think 4000 grafts is the maximum spread over 2 days with FUE. I wouldn't go higher. Make sure you are certainly sure like you mention that your hairloss is at least somewhat stabilized. Perhaps more people will chime in who are better at assessing pictures visually. Good luck man!

Proud to be a representative of world elite hair transplant surgeon Dr. Bisanga - BHR Clinic.



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Thanks for the feedback. Just read your story as well. Seems to be healing pretty quickly.


I've had a couple of opinions from different clinics. Dr Doganay is recommending 4000 FUE grafts over 2 days and it confident I can get some pretty decent coverage.


I've actually got more hair on top than it looks from the picture. My hair is very light in colour and I'm a bit tanned just now so it looks odd in the picture.


Did you speak to anyone on the phone before your visit? Or did you just communicate via email?

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Why do you say that?


Because your hair loss may progress further. Finasteride tends to stop or at least stabilise it. Your native hair could also be more prone to shock loss in the recipient site.


When you consider a HT, you should also consider finasteride to combat future hair loss.


You're in your thirties now, so your hair loss reached a certain degree of stability which is a plus.


Don't let the finasteride side effects deter you. They're not very common. I never experienced any and been using it since my early twenties. I didn't even need it. Just took it as a preventative measure. 10 yrs on I'm glad did.

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My hair loss has been pretty stable for the past 4-5 years. I plan to start on fin post-surgery.


I guess I really just want some opinions on whether I'm likely to get a decent initial result from 4000 grafts?


I've looked at hundreds or before and after pictures now and keep going from being super confident about it to super apprehensive.

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looking at your level of baldness , I would prefer FUT , becos i doubt FUE will be able to cover that wide an area , if you consider FUE , Its my opinion that edrogan Lorenzo Bisanga are top notch . For Fut I highly regard Dr. Radha from India to be the best bet .

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