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Dr. Arocha: Repair of previous, subpar hair transplant

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Hello again everyone!

It's been awhile since I posted on this forum. I just wanted to stop by and give an update on my progress and showcase the results of a great surgeon in Houston, Dr. Arocha.


For anyone who hasn't seen my previous posts, I went to have a hair transplant done by Dr. Rashid Rashid with Mosaic clinic in early 2013. I got about 1200 grafts to fix a moderately receded hairline. Dr. Rashid seemed like the consummate professional and he sold me on the neograft procedure because of the less noticeable scarring. However, after about 7 months it became clear that the results I received were nothing like what he had promised. The grafts he placed were clumpy and he placed 3-4 hair count grafts into the very front of my hairline giving the entire transplant a very pluggy look. Horrified, I went to another surgeon in Houston, Dr. Arocha.


Once there Dr. Arocha agreed that the transplant was very sub-par and stated it would be difficult to hide. However he did agree to help me and I had a 1500 graft FUT procedure done with him. Attached are the 7-8 month follow up shots. I am more than pleased with the results! Only the most keen observer would be able to tell the the hair is any different from the rest. In December had a touch up procedure done to soften the hairline and cannot wait for it to grow in.


Attached are the images of my previous transplant with Dr. Rashid and the current photos 7-8 months after my transplant with Dr. Arocha.









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Very nice work from Dr. Arocha on a horrid 1st procedure. Why clinics like this go on to misleading folks into performing such shoddy work with a machine is beyond me. I have yet to see a good result ..

Anyways you made a great rebound with Dr. A. You must be thrilled !

1st HT 1973 FUT's with Dr.Robert Mcclellan 6/28/2007

*unfortunately I have no info on hair count on my 1st surgery ..


2nd HT 3026 FUT's with Dr. Bernadino Arocha 1/9/2014


1's - 797

2's - 3700

3's - 246

5634 hairs



3026 FUTs 1 day HT#2 post op frontal picture

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Congrats on the great results! I'm so glad you are pleased with the results! Glad Dr. Arocha was able to help!!!

I am an online representative for Carolina Hair Surgery & Dr. Mike Vories (Recommended on the Hair Transplant Network).

View John's before/after photos and videos:  http://www.MyFUEhairtransplant.com

You can email me at johncasper99@gmail.com

I am not a medical professional and my opinions should not be taken as medical advice.

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Hairline looks solid, congratulations. If I may ask, what is your age and are you on any meds ? If your hair loss stabilizes here (with meds or otherwise), that would be mission accomplished.


FUT #1, ~ 1600 grafts hairline (Ron Shapiro 2004)

FUT #2 ~ 2000 grafts frontal third (Ziering 2011)

FUT #3 ~ 1900 grafts midscalp (Ron Shapiro early 2015)

FUE ~ 1500 grafts frontal third, side scalp, FUT scar repair --300 beard, 1200 scalp (Ron Shapiro, late 2016)




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Hello 2ndtime,


We are so happy that you are pleased with your outcome. Here is a copy of the corrective surgery video I made about your corrective surgery with Arocha Hair Restoration.



Please let me know if I can provide any additional information.



Employed by Dr. Bernard Arocha. Dr. Arocha is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians.

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