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Testosterone cycle and hair loss

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Guys not yet done but got some test steroids as keen gym goer and looking to pack on some muscle, I had a fue transplant about 3 years ago and been on propcia multi vit, biotin and msm ever since, still lose hair when shower etc but have kept quite a lot I'm looking to get another ht end of this year, but I badly wanna put on some muscle and was looking into a straight testosterone cycle of no more then 400mg per week, obviously I. Worried about hair so any advice on this, I only take 0.5 propecia a day due to sides at 1st but be fine ever since, and hopefully stay that way, cheers people info greatly needed .

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It's very difficult to tell. Testosterone itself doesn't cause hair loss. In fact, it's cousin dihydrotestosterone (DHT) doesn't either. What causes hair loss, in androgenic alopecia, is the combination of DHT and DHT susceptible hair follicles. If your follicles don't possess the DHT receptors, you could likely increase your level of circulating testosterone without losing your hair - it will wreak havoc on the rest of your endocrine system, but I'm sure you're well aware of the risks of anabolic steroid use. If you're on DHT blocking agents, your follicles are susceptible. It stands to reason that increasing testosterone will increase DHT which, in theory, could worsen your male pattern hair loss. All patients are unique, however, so no one can really say precisely how it will affect you. Theoretically though, there is an increased risk.

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