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Thinning Hair and Some Interesting Observations


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Hi everyone


I've been lurking here a while. I think it's the best resource by far for people thinking about a HT.




I'm 44 and starting noticing hair loss at 36. I've always had thin hair especially at the crown and at 36 it started showing down the middle.


Now here are what I think are the interesting observations.


My hair seems to subtly change condition according to what I eat; so much so that people comment on it.


* If I drink vegetable juice my hair gets darker and the greys subside. Seriously, my hair gets less grey at the sides. This seems to happen within a day or so.


* If I drink fizzy drinks, caffeine, alcohol or eat anything with too much sugar in it, or the very worst of all, anything with WHEAT (or any thing with GLUTEN) in it, my hair looks thin and grey for several days.


* But... if I have a daily WHEATGRASS powder drink, my hair really thanks me for it and within a day or so looks a lot better.


Also, scalp massage really seems to help. It doesn't seem to work so well using my fingers but with a scalp massage like this youtube.com/watch?v=dJ2ZRGA4mqQ


Sorry if this is the wrong forum but I don't think it applies to the herbal remedies forum and I want a lot of people to read it if it helps or they can at least agree!




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