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Questions about a second strip scar

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How is this done along with the previous scar?


Do they do it along the same place? Is this what is meant by 'scar excision'?


If it is along the same place, is the strip going to be the skin immediately below the scar or above the scar or does it matter?


Can they improve the original strip scar? Mine is quite thick so am hoping it could be improved. I know that the conditions that cause the first scar - such as degree of scalp laxity - will probably have a say in how the second scar forms. Maybe fact that skin will be tighter after the second HT could mean it stretches more.

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My opionon is to have the new strip in the same place so you are not dealing with two seperate scars.


Also it depends on where your scar is located in the donor area if they go above or below. The dr will stay within the donor region.


Yes the original scar can be improved. I recommend staples over sutures. Make sure your dr is skilled at closures.

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Some docs want to take a separate strip in order to harvest as many FUs in that strip specimen versus taking out the former scar with the secondary strip harvest. And removing the first scar does not guarantee that the secondary strip scar will come out more favorable.


There can be a number of reasons for why a scar comes out wider than expected. It can be anything from surgeon skill including closure method, to lack of laxity, to the individual's physiology including how they heal especially in the event of a raised scar.


Yet whenever a scar does not have a favorable outcome, the individual definitely wants to get a number of opinions/recommendations from other surgeons before any subsequent procedure. Because it may come down to only doing FUE in future procedures.


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