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Does it Really Work?

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I have had two HTs - where they cut a strip from the back of your head and apply grafts to front and back - what is that procedure called?


I like my results from #1 HT still awaiting the results from #2 (had it on 1/8)


Can I ask what shampoo / conditioner regimen I should follow?


But also - do these things ever fail, does all the hair ever just fall out - I lose a few in the shower and I don't see evidence of loss but I see hairs around the sink and sometimes I just have this irrational fear that having hair again is too good to be true and that the procedure will just fail altogether - does it ever happen?



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Follicular Unit Transplantation "FUT" is the strip method. I use normal shampoo after two weeks. As for shedding of the transplanted hair....Most lose about 90% at the 3-6 week period. If this is your second transplant it should be the same progression I would imagine. Good luck to you.:)

Dr.Gabel 3972 FUT 11/3/14

Progress/Results Below ;)


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