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How short can you leave your hair after a FUE procedure fully grows?

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If I were to buzz all around with a number 1 guard after a year, would any donor scars show, or could you see the difference in hair texture, density and angles with native and recipient hair since you can't style your hair at all with a buzz cut?

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It would depend on how you healed and the size punch that was used. I have shaved mine to a 1 guard several times I can barely notice. The punch sizes on my procedure were 0.9-1.0 if that helps


I personally would think it would be extremely difficult for anyone else to notice. We are often our own worst critics and are aware the procedure took place.


My my experience the shorter I have the donor area the less likely I am to notice a difference in density, texture, angles etc... The longer I wear my hair in those areas I am able to feel a slight loss of density in the donor area from were I was at pre op.


Hope this helps.

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