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Cold Weather / outdoor Hot Tub / effects

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Friends -


I just completed a second HT on 1/8/15, on Sunday (2/1) I was grilling outside and sat in my hot tub, I live in the Northeastern United States - it was cold -


I was in the hot tub for maybe 45 minutes - I didn't submerge my head


I grilled outdoors for maybe another 45 minutes - going inside periodically to warm up


I didn't wear a hat - I don't like hats and I don't my hair getting tangled in there


Ok so I ran my hands through my hair over the sink afterwards, not pulling or scratching, just ran through and saw a few hairs fall out in the sink, I did it three times a few hairs came out each time :confused:


In the shower last 2 days I've seen maybe 10-15 come out in my hands while shampooing


Couple of questions - first, is cold weather a problem and does it cause permanent damage to hair? Did I do permanent harm or did the cold dry weather cause some loss that will regrow?


Second, are hot tubs a problem?


Most of the hair shedding is longer established hair, not the little implanted grafts


Finally, losing hair in the shower - even 1-10, freaks me out - even though my doctor says we lose 50-100 per day and it's normal - intuitively I know that we shed hair but can someone just put me at ease?


I was remarking to my wife - the only thing worse than losing your hair is losing it twice - I had a great doctor and paid almost $20K for two (2) HTs, do these things ever not take or fail or are they pretty much surefire?


In other words - can I just stop worrying about all this stuff?


PS - I love my results thus far


Having an anxiety attack can anyone put me at ease?



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I know your anxiety because I have passed several times by this surgery as well.

Going to your case again:

1.shedding at this time is standard and expected, this I guess it is more linked with time frame you currently are after surgery than with this event

2. It could be a bit stressful those temperature changes for your epidermis but grafts at three weeks post are supposed to be well secured inside dermis, I think.

It draws my attention that in surgery post op instructions from different doctors is not mentioned avoiding thermal shock or cold temperatures which have a vasoconstriction effect on scalp blood flow which could be lethal for fresh just transplanted grafts. But this is not your case because you were 3 weeks post and not few days.

I would try to relax because for sure stress will not fix anything and will only deteriorate everything. I am sure you will have a good result because as you said you were at a great doctor and this is the most important factor.

All the best and great regrowth.

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Well I did everything you did BBQ and hot tub. I stayed out of my hot tub for two weeks but I think you are not that fragile. As a veteran....This being your second HT. I would think you were immune to the panic.:D

Dr.Gabel 3972 FUT 11/3/14

Progress/Results Below ;)


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Thank you Tamagochihandler for your reassurance -


I'm still kind of kicking myself these transplants are huge events you would think we could abstain from sex, hot tubs, alcohol, exercise, being in the sun, or the cold for a period of time - everything seems to have settled down, I just have this attitude that I've written off baldness and if I have to get a hair transplant every year or every other year so be it - I'm 46 y.o. I'll keep this up until I'm 60 and then to hell with it - I'm not going back to being bald so if I screwed things up I'll just get another one, dammit!!!!


Thanks I love the support this site has to offer - FK

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