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Any good surgeon in Delhi India?

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Hi Guys,


I am NW5 patient. I am loosing my hair since my early twenties. I want to go for HT now. So could you please recommend any good surgeon based out of Delhi in India?

Since I have started my exploration just now so any inputs will help me a lot.

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You may want to look up Dr. Kapil Dua. He is supposedly very good in India. My Dermatologist one of the top in Bangalore recommended him. There is another doctor in Pune who is supposed to be the best in India. Will let you know his name once I find out.

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Check out results by Dr. Arika Bansal of Eugenix in the results posted by SHASLEc0. Looks natural and seems like there are advantages for DHT technique. (not recommended by HTN yet!)


There are other doctors like Dr. Dua, Dr. p o s w a l, Dr. Tejinde Bhatti, Dr. Madhu (Hyderabad), Dr. Radha (Hyderabad) many of whom are recommended on this forum. Only Dr. Bansal, Dua and Dr. Bhatti do BHT as far as my knowledge pf these docs go.

My Thread: 


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