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fine dark blond hair. good results possible?

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Hi guys,


i have a question.


A HT Doc was checking my donor density. 80/cm2

This is my "normal" density.

So, im a diffuse NW4 and on medication for a year now.

My vertex is a bit thin (only the top of my head) and the donor area is thick.


So, i have existing hair in my NW4. I think a density between 20-30cm2.

If a doc is able to give me 40cm2 on the hole area and he not destroy my existing hair to much i should be fine? Because then i have a density around 60-70cm2.


Since i was a little boy my hair was alway thin. So no Elvis hairstyle possible but a smart haircut like Ashton Kutcher (not so thick hair).


So thin hair should not be the big problem if you never had much more. And when my donor looks very thick with 80cm2 my top should look like the donor.

Am i right?


Edit: Is there any case here with thin darkblond hair? Would be fine to see some because the most cases have thick hair..


all the best and sorry for my english. its not my motherlanguage

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Two very nice examples of what you're talking about come to mind, performed by Dr. John Diep, who is recommend here.


I have pm'd you video links.


Why don't you just post the links in the forum, so everyone can see?

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