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Which doctors will lower a hairline past its natural position?

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I had one transplant with HW and one with Rahal. I now have full coverage but I still have a genetically high hairline that I would like to be lowered a centimeter or two, which neither doctor was willing to do with the reason being that they didn't think it would look good (which was particularly frustrating in the latter case because the staff member who I communicated with through email before surgery suggested that Dr. Rahal was willing to do it--I wouldn't have gone to him if I knew he wasn't).


I have done ample morphs and measurements and despite the doctors' views I believe that I would look significantly better with a lower hairline. Does anyone know of other reputable Canadian HT doctors who are generally willing to lower someone's hairline past it's natural position? I've heard many bad things about scalp advancement so I would like to stick to the transplant route.


Thank you

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May be dr kabaker who I think is in California in the states as he is renowned for this type of work as far as I know.

It wouldn't be a transplant though although there may be some grafts moved.

He has just posted a example of his work were he lowered the hairline of a woman who had a facelift that had raised her hairline.

Check it out as I think the results are excellent and if your interested send him some photos and see what he suggests.

I know its not in Canada but it could possibly be your best bet

Hope this helps you out.

Have a nice weekend.

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