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Frontal Female HT 6,174 Hairs with The Griffin Center in Atlanta

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This is a female patient that has the typical androgenetic hair loss pattern that was treated with HLPT and one strip surgery that resulted in 6,174 hairs from 1,920 FUGs, including predominately MUGs. The images were taken prior to the procedure and one year after the procedure with two images showing the grafts immediately after placement on the day of the surgery. Some of the images are not as clear as we would like, but we did not want to alter or modify the images. You can still appreciate the improvement from ONE strip procedure. The patient has no plans at this time for any further surgery, and has been advised to continue HLPT medications.











Hair Restoration Specialist with Dr. Edmond I. Griffin and Dr. Ashley R. Curtis of The Griffin Center of Hair Restoration in Atlanta, GA 1-800-806-4247 Our patient goal is to create imperceptible and natural looking hair transplant results.

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