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Help! Used blood thinner Flurbiprofen. Did I destroy my FUE surgery?

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I had my FUE procedure (1800 grafts) twenty days ago.


The day of surgery I accidentally had Strepsil Intensive (Flurbiprofen 8.75mg) lozenges because of a sore throat. At the time I did not realise that Flurbiprofen was one of the forbidden medications as it thins blood.


During the surgery I even asked the doctor if it's ok to take the lozenges. He allowed me to do it but he may not have know that it contained Flurbiprofen.


There was not much bleeding during or after the surgery but the days after I had a lot of crusts. The doctor did not mention having any complications during the surgery.


When the crusts come of it looked like a lot of grafts were missing.


My fear now is that the grafts never had the chance to anchor properly because of thinned blood and were pushed out of the slits.


Can anyone provide info on this?


I feel like I butchered my own procedure. I am not expecting much growth because I cannot see much hair at all. :(


I think I also found a dislodged dried out graft.


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Thanks. I would think so too given the amount of the dose.


After all there the FUE extractions are usually much deeper so they would have bled much more if my blood had been thinned. But it all seemed to heal quickly.


Just comes to show though that you have to be super careful with what you take or put on to yourself before surgery.


I imagine a lot of people would unknowingly slap on voltaren gel on sore muscles before surgery and that's a NSAID as well.

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