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is a Chemical Peel Post Hair Transplant safe?


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Does anyone know if superficial chemical peels are safe after a HT?


Something like the Vitalize Peel from SkinMedica? Treatments by SkinMedica - Vitalize Peel® :: Serious Skin Care Products


The solution is applied all over the face, and stops right before the hairline. The skin then peels in a spotty way and various areas, but often into the edge of the Hairline. My concern in possible irritation to the grafts. I have seen no literature/threads on this topic.


Questions I would love to see discussion are:


1. Would it affect the grafts? The facial skin is essentially micro-damaged in order to repair itself with better skin. I just wonder how much affects the scalp.


2. At one point would it be considered safe to do the Peel?


3. I feel the answers will vary on this, and if a Doc answers their answer may vary depending on if they have a Dermatology background.


4. Would it affect growth long term and overall results of the HT?


Thanks everyone!

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