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Post your successful finasteride-free regime

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I would like to start by saying that I do not deny the effectiveness of finasteride (I used it and had great results) and I dont hate it. I actually envy whoever can use it without sides.


But like many, I had really bad sides (they were real, I had no idea about the "post finasteride syndrome" back in the days, so it was not in my head).


Anyone in these forums who can post a successful fin-free regime to *maintain* (I dont expect regrowth) existing hair? This would help many people like me I believe.


Some pre-requisites:


-You must have used them yourself (not someone you know).

-It must maintain your existing hair, not just some "slow down".

-It must maintain your current hair for over a year.

-Finasteride free.

-You must post the specifics including dosage (how much, when and how).


And please... this is not to hate on finasteride, so dont post stuff defending its use, as most of us know, it works. This thread is rather for the unlucky people like me who cant take it :(

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This is the million dollar question that a lot of people who like to have more info on.


KO suggestion is gaining some popularity on some of the other forums. BTT has several posts about RU58841 under the medication treatments section. I did read that one poster experienced some sides using RU58841 similar to what he experienced when on Propecia. the majority of the posters stated they didn't experience any sides. I think the jury still may be out on the alternative.


Some natural alternatives that I have tried;

Saw palmetto

Pumpkin seed oil

Nettle Root

Nizoral 2%


I don't think they have quite the benefits I experienced with propecia but they certainly contribute to better hair health from my experiences.


I took propecia for over nearly ten years and stopped due to persistent sides and to start a family. I think FIN works quite well specifically in the crown but currently is is not part of my regimen.


Hopefully we have some safer alternatives in the future!

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I hope so too, this seems like an endless struggle. I recently did a 2500 FUE seems like I will need more procedures in the future if I dont stop my thinning now. Minox did wonders to my hair but i dont think it alone is the solution. Hopefully someone will have a working regime fin free :P Thanks for the input wazaam!

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