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42 y/o male after 1 session 1600 grafts; Dr. Beehner

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This 42 year old man with fine textured, light-colored blond hair returned three years after his first hair transplant session of 1600 grafts. It was understood from the initial consultation that two, and possibly three, sessions would be necessary to achieve the final look he would be happy with the rest of his life. I placed 1132 FU grafts and 468 DFU grafts for a total of 4201 hairs. This early demonstration of hair growth is only to show the dramatic effect even one session has on how a man's face is framed.

Mike Beehner, M.D.







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Nice results for such a small session. Interesting what you can do with only 1600 grafts. Especially when the patient presents with fine hair.


I'm tapped out myself and only have around the same more or less, and have been trying to decide whether or not it would be worth the trouble.... ?? When you've had poor results in the past it taints the decision making process.

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