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Dr. DORIN (True & Dorin Medical) - 1862 FUE

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This is an interesting case in that the patient came to Dr. Dorin for FUE after previously undergoing SMP (scalp micropigmentation) with another company in an attempt to lower his hairline and reframe his face. Not achieving the impact that he desired Dr. Dorin did an initial FUE to reinforce his temporal and hairline regions as this was his priority. Additional steps will be taken to cover as much of the balding area as his donor sources will allow utilizing beard, chest and scalp. Patient is currently using Viviscal and Rogaine.


1862 Grafts FUE (Manual using proprietary instrumentation - not Robotic or Neograft)

849 singles, 975 doubles, 38 threes

PRP/ACell utilized as well as Liposomal ATP
































Patient Services Director for True & Dorin Medical Group


Dr. True and Dr. Dorin are members of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

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The hairline design is not natural and age appropriate imo, but let`s wait for the outcome. The technical work looks perfect as always.


You have to realize that they were somewhat forced to follow the previous SMP hairline in order to cover it up.

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This guy looks like he'll be a nw7. It'll be interesting to see this turn out.

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