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Scalp Micro pigmentation

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Please be more specific.


If you cannot /do not prefer to post photos please tell us by what you mean by straight line.


a) Do you mean your hairline is too straight?


b) Do you mean the dots appear as lines in parallel rows and therefore unnatural?


If a), then welcome to SMP.


If b), I suspect the lines will blur due to fading characteristics.


SMP operators will tell you, 'Don't worry, it will settle down' which is part truth and part BS. You will fade 30% within a month. The super dark sharp stuff will quickly shed away. What you maybe left with is a blunt hairline and a vague blurry and blueish interior area. SMP operators cannot, as a rule, bother to find the time to perfect a faded hairline. There is just too much time to waste, too much money down the drain and a loss of momentum in their business. They experienced guys are slowly getting better, using customers for practise, but more beginners join their ranks everyday.


You are just beginning the journey.


Good news is that you can improve it, bad news is that it takes a bit of research and sometimes some travel.


But who knows. What is the actual problem?

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Thank you Scar5 for your reply..


I had couple of transplants previously, so back of my head has fut scar and below that is area which has thin hairs, was looking really thin, i planned to have smp from scar till end of the hairs before nape area. They did it with the roller with up and down, right to left and left to right direction. Now after three days i can see '----------------' this kind of effect on back of my head from left to right & up and down. On few places i can see dots also but on most of area i can see checks kind of thing.. i am worried as it looks unnatural.. I read somewhere after smp procedure there is a scab formation which will shed soon, wanted to know whether these line kind of things, which actually show the route or impression of roller are scabs or not.. If they are scabs and will fade and then i can see dots there, then its fine as i did this for increasing illusion of density.. But if this will stay there forever then i need to remove these. Let me know if that is possible.. thanks

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I have SMP two days back.. they did that with some kind of roller....Today is second day now i can see straight line on my scalp. Is it okay or there is some problem. please let me know.. Any Body ????:(:confused::(


Could you post a photo? That roller makes me very nervous (understatement). In fact, as a practitioner, I can't see how they could possibly have any accuracy or control with that tool. Did they tell you that you would have more of a shaded look or that the dots were going to be defined? Is the hairline too straight? I'm not so worried for you about lines as I am that it's all going to fade together...

I am the SMP and Micro-Pigmentation Specialist for Shapiro Medical Group. Always feel free to message me privately with any additional questions you might have. I am trained in both the permanent and temporary pigmentation methods and am happy to be here to offer support as a neutral resource.

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scar5 you seem to have exstensive knowledge on he smp subject, in you opinion who are the top providers a person would go to??


i am in ontario, and not any providers up here with any good reputations at all , and if there are i havent heard of them

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