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Seems the problem where it takes an age to get photos to load in threads is back once again.


Given that pictures are among the chief reasons people use the site, one would have thought the owners would pull their fingers out, stop being so bloody stingy and spend some money to rectify the problems.


Mercifully, clinics seem to post their results on several hair loss sites so we can still view pics without having to devote an hour to waiting for them to load here but there are posters and topics running here that I, for one, would like to keep up with.


Sort it out; spend some money

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Thank you for your valuable advice. The truth is that our community has been under a prolonged and vicious denial of service attack that is fundamentally different from the attack we dealt with the last time this occurred. We are aware of the problem and our webmaster is working closely with our host to try and fix the problem and also protect us from future attacks.


I apologize to all members. I know how frustrating it is as it also makes my job moderating the forum quite difficult.

David - Former Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant


I am not a medical professional. All opinions are my own and my advice should not constitute as medical advice.


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Lightning fast at present. Fingers crossed it continues:)

I am an online representative for Farjo Hair Institute


Dr. Bessam Farjo is an esteemed member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians


I am not a medical professional and my words should not be taken as medical advice. All opinions shared are my own.

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