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FUE Second Opinion

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I'm 34, almost 35 located in California and started experiencing hair loss at 18. Unfortunately I wasn't able to start taking propecia till I was 20, after which I haven't noticed any further hair loss. About 3 years ago I added Rogaine Extra Strength Foam and Nizoral shampoo to my routine and noticed a small amount of regrowth.


Since the hair on my sides and back grows quite thick and fast it makes the thinner hair on top quite noticeable without a good hair cut and coloring. It's something I've always been self conscious about and almost always wear a hat in public, when that's not possible I comb my hair forward to hide my thinning and hair line.


I usually have medium to long dyed blond hair, but recently cut it really short to take pictures of my hair loss for an online consult which i'm now regretting.


I'm looking to improve hair density in the crown and to have a more defined hair line.

I'm only interested in FUE so I can wear short hair in the back without a noticeable scar.


I did an online consult with a hair transplant surgeon in New York and the recommendation was not to do for surgery at this time, as my hair loss could progress and I would be left without enough donor hair. This came as a complete shock to me as I haven't noticed any further hair loss in a decade and even some improvement and would like to enjoy a thick head of hair while i'm still somewhat young.


I would be interested in what other people in my situation have done.


I'm also interested in opinions on who the other top FUE surgeons are in the US or Canada to get a second opinion.




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doesn't look too bad to me, based on the photos I would say that it looks easily fixable using Fue. maybe 3000-3500 grafts? it's hard to tell because of the hairline.


in terms of suitability my opinion based on your photo is that the crown is a no brainer to sort and as long as you stay realistic on the hairline and not look to bring it forward you will be in no worse position that you are now if the hair loss continues.

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The front and middle are easily fixable with 3000 to 4000 grafts (depending on the doc), but I would not touch the crown. A good rule of thumb is not to transplant into the crown area until you are at least into your 40's due to the propensity for it to keep expanding in young men, even if you are on meds.

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