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Has anybody heard of this method called MaxiGreffe 3D

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Greetings everyone,


Has anyone found out about this method - or experienced it: It is called Maxi Greffe 3D. Apparently it has been pioneered by a couple of French doctors who operate in Paris, Nantes and Luxemburg.

MAXIgreffe3D.com - Nouvelle mthode de greffe de cheveux, 3 fois plus de volumes, effet naturel

Greffe cheveux et micro greffe - Chirurgie des cheveux et implants capillaire


Interestingly, they claim the new method is even more effective than the other two traditional ones. Content is in French only, but perhaps some French speakers out there have some info about this. :)


What makes me wonder is that like (most) surgeons they claim to do the job in one intervention, but then when I ask the question it turns out that two surgeries to cover my balding areas are necessary, and I am not THAT bald! I had my first hair transplant surgery in 2013, and of course I was advised to get another one.


This time, after having contacted the people at Maxi Greffe 3D they say that after all I may well need two operations. So in total that would mean a total of 3 surgeries (including the previous one) for a guy like me who is not quite as bald as some you can see in testimonials, etc. Frankly I doubt that my donor zone is so depleted (!) as to require more than one additional surgery. Of course I could be wrong.:D





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lmao.... thats like internet snake oil. don't be a sucker! if u need so few grafts why wud u need to have two procedures. dude stick the top surgeons around the world and stop googling scam artists like this....


educate urself. the SEARCH button is ur friend! and ur link will be removed cause there are not outside links permitted. especially from snake oil doctors.

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