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Can transplanted hairs along the hairline be removed in the future?

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If someone had a procedure with a really aggressive hairline and their crown starts to thin badly after 10 years or so and they're out of donor hair, can some transplanted grafts from the hairline be replanted back to the crown to create a more natural recede?

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While you can always do a repair job, I don't think you can ever do it better than doing right the first time. You risk scarring by fue and it may be notice in the hair line.

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Most of those hairline grafts should be single hair FUs and hopefully a smaller punch size would be used to extract the ones you want re-implanted. Whenever former grafts are being extracted and re-located, the yield can go down because of the trauma placed on the extracted grafts. The manual skill required in the removal of the former grafts is critical to say the least.


So you may want to start with a smaller session to see how the regrowth is and how the extraction sites in your hairline heal and appear post-op.


The crown is usually a high demand area as far as MPB goes and can require a large percent of one's available donor. This is why we are seeing more guys using beard grafts for the crown.


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