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Need your help and experience pls.

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Hello, i'm 22 years old I start to lose my hair since 20 old , I'm NW2 and and I lose density in my hairline, I want to know wath NW i will be ?? there is any way to know ? because for the future I want to consider a HT , sooo the hair loss in my family , My father is NW4-5, he start losing hair in 22 -23 years old so something Like me first he has a receding hair line , Like wath I have now . hair loss in my mother family , they start losing hair from vertex first, they always have a nice hairline , but they don't have not hair in vertex they start losing it from 40-45 years old , SOO wath do you think people ?? I think I will have the some NW like my father ??? right ? can someone tell me because for HT I need to know that , for me I have no hair loss in vertex for now )) thank you .

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