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Dr. Tykocinski - 1 Session - 4110 Grafts - FUT

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its quite thin in the frontal zone tho. I wud have expected more density there and further back with 4000+ grafts. and that hair cut/due makes him look a lot older imo but do to the poor density he needs the comb over.


thats about a 1/3rd of his head and he has plenty of native hairs as well so he wasn't completely bald there. 4000 grafts is a shiit load of grafts to be stuffed in that small area. I have seen H&W do entire heads with 4000 grafts and look far more dense then this patient.


it doesn't appear to be anymore dense in the frontal zone then it did prior to his HT where he was thinning when his hairline was further back.

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