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Seeking Advice on hairtransplant receding hairline & balding crown (Pictures)

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Hi All


This forum seems to have a wealth of information. Thank you all for contributing.

I really like my hair and i don't want to lose it further. I'm not happy with the current loss.:( I will not look good bald and I'm considering a transplant for the crown and hairline.


My Story

I've been losing hair (runs in the family, dad is bald(norwood 6) and im heading there).

It started at the crown first, a small hole of hairloss at the end of my college year in 2007. Since then it has been gradual and has been noticible each year. The hairline has started to recede in the last 4-5 years.

My pillows are usually with a good amount of hair on them in the morning.


I tried rogaine foam about 2 years ago for 7 months or so, but it didnt work for my crown area. I probably should've kept using it.


I want to do something about it. Recently ive just been combing my hair down to cover the receding hairline and i have been applying Toppic to the crown area to cover the baldness. I want to style my hair as I did before.

Before pic (sorry it's tiny) around 2007 when i first started losing hair.



I live in NYC

I'm considering FUE or FUT (although im very afraid of the scar) i usually tapered my hair up from the back and the sides with #2 on the clippers at the barber.




  • How many grafts do you think i would need on the front and the back just by looking at the pictures?
  • Should i consider FUE or FUT? i'm very afraid of the scars
  • What is the estimate cost for those in NYC? any exp or recommendations? i know they vary a lot..just want to know what i'm budgeting.




Please see pictures below. Thank you so much for any advice.






Front (drew a line where at best i would like to restore)




Left side










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