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3330 FUE with El Artista (Dr. Lorenzo) & Team @ Farjo Manchester

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I thought I would start posting some useful inform now I am at the 8 Month mark.


My procedure was done May 2014.


I am extremely happy with the results thus far, I currently type this with a full head of hair and my bald patch is eradicated with around 35% of the hair left to come through.


Text and further interim photos to follow.















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Great result. You must have favorable hair characteristics! Microns?




I have no idea on the technical's apart from that my yield is average in terms of 1,2,3 hairs per follicle.


So, some further information from me, for those that are interested.


I am not affiliated with anyone at the clinic in anyway and I receive no benefit or incentive to post this information here. I paid full whack for my operation, approx $18,000-20,000 USD at current exchange rates, I will save Mick's blushes on the actual price.


I am 37 years old and I have had steady hair loss for the past 10 years. I started taking Finasteride around 6 years ago (1 full tablet of Propecia per day) but had to stop due to side affects. I currently take only 1/4 of a tablet per day as this is the maximum my body can handle without making me ill, even 1/2 a tablet per day gives me large sides.


In terms of other surgeons, I did shop around and did my research with regards to FUE in Belgium and the like and for sure, the other option I considered was Dr. Bisanga however, I really wanted a UK based surgery to carry out the op.


As per topic the procedure was carried out at Farjo's surgery at Quay Street and the facilities there look very high tech and brand new, very space age. I stayed at the Marriot hotel which is walking distance from the surgery and very nice it is too although, the cost of the hotel is not included in the treatment. You will need to book for 2 nights.


I worked with Mick to get an estimate together and a short consultation with Dr. Lorenzo to agree objectives and target number of extractions. While I was at the clinic I was able to see and speak with a patient who had just been operated on by the Dr. I was shocked to see the results of the procedure up-close but the smile on the patients face told the story.


I only spend around 30 minutes in the clinic with Mick and Dr. Lorenzo but it was obvious within the first 5 minutes of meeting them both that this was an easy decision for me.


After a little thought, I sold my kidney to Albanian black-market organ dealers to pay for the operation and I booked my date with El Artista.


to be continued....

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