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2 months update

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Hi guys:


It's been 2 months since I've undergone FUT surgery by Dr. Radha. 2800 grafts were implanted- I forgot the count of singles and doubles. I'm worried about the hair growth. There are few places in the transplanted scalp where I've no visible hair. Should I suppose to look like this after 2 months? Am I progressing well? I need experts review on this.


I use to put Bandana while I go out-7/8 hrs a day. Does this hinder my hair growth in any way? Some said adequate light and air is required for the hair to grow.


I am taking Biotin 10000 (Ten thousand) and Multi minerals everyday and use dandruff shampoo to clear my scalp.


Any other tips you would like to give to me for my hair growth? Your feedback is highly appreciable.


Thanks everybody.





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I wore a hat everyday for about 14 hours+. You should see basically nothing at two months. At three months.... I had a some wispy stuff. Four months.... I had good growth. You can look at my signature below to see each month I progressed. Keep in mind everyone has different growth rates so don't get worked up if you are slower growing than some.

Dr.Gabel 3972 FUT 11/3/14

Progress/Results Below ;)


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