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Adding azelaic acid flakes to my minoxidil?


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Hey guys,


Been away from the forums for a while, but this is something I wanted to get a little insight on before I go ahead.


I've been considering using azelaic acid again, however I don't want to pay a massive surcharge to a dodgy company who are bottling it (it is against FDA regulations) with minoxidil. This is technically illegal, as it isnt FDA approved to be sold for hair loss, i'll always be looking for the next supplier, as the companies tend to discontinue the products within months.


I buy Kirkland Minoxidil, and based on how hugely popular it is, along with the cheap price tag, I don't want to change. I have been considering buying Azelaic acid flakes/crystals though, as they are relatively inexpensive ( Home Made Hair Loss Formulas ).


Just wondering what everybody thought about adding it to my minoxidil, I'm sure this is no different to what companies bottling the stuff do, but could this cause a chemical imbalance with my minoxidil itself, and render it an ineffective solution for my hair?


I'm on the fence right now, but i do believe azelaic is good for hairloss, I just dont want to go back to having to apply it as cream to my hairline every night again, it's messy and expensive.



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