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caboki v nanogen


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hey guys


wanted to share my experience with caboki and nanogen.


i had been using nanogen for a few years but after moving home and having to apply nanogen under a much harsher light i realised that it wasnt sticking to my hair as well as i thought it was and noticed a lot of the fibers were just falling on to my scalp and looking pretty ridiculous. i tried a technique of holding my hair down so it was flat on my scalp (if that makes sense) and applying it that way but it still didnt stick that well.


anyway to make a long story short, in googling "nanogen v caboki" (i googled nanogen v the other fiber brands and found nanogen was generally considered better) i didnt really find an answer so i tried myself and i got to say caboki is WAY better for me. it bonds to my reamiaining hairs a lot better and blends with my colour (dark brown) perfectly where as nanogen was slightly darker. i think its better priced too; i was getting a 30g can of nanogen for around UK30 and im getting 25g can of caboki for UK18 (or $45 vs $27 US).


also another little tip is ive been using dermmatch as kind of a base coat. ive found it stays on your scalp for ages and is good for swimming and is odorless. ive also found its good for those occasions when your away and you might not have enough time to go through the usual routine so leaving it on your scalp for a few days is ok without it irritating.


i hope this helps anyone looking for some advice.

feel free to ask any questions and ill try to answer.

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