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What density can i expect on my first fue

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hello there everyone......i have a consultation with dr raghu reddy next wednesday in london and would like to ask anyone who has already undergone fue surgery what a realistic outcome is on the first op density wise


ive read that dr reddy is a good surgeon and well worth a visit ......i like the look of his before and after pics


i would say im a nw6 and know full well im never getting a full head back unless i want to settle for a thin allover coverage of fluff


my plan is to have a full density frontal going back as far as is realistic and then wearing a unit on the back


ive worn a unit for the last 20 years so the idea doesnt bother me of wearing one on the back......im pretty nifty with them now after all these years and my only dislike about them is no natural hairline in the front hence the fue procedure


i have read on the fargo website that initial density can only be 25-30% and that tells me that a further op will be required to fill out the initial area


looking at before and after pictures of other peoples transplants they do appear to have a good density with other surgeons and also dr reddy


so what can i really expect to get on the first op density wise..???


i dont want to be taken in by unrealstic promises just to find i have 30% density in a years time and have to have the area filled out and then have to wait another year before having anything worth showing off....ie a 2 year wait for a good density after 2 ops


im hoping members on here with first hand experience can tell me the cold hard truth about what they got density wise as i dont want to be taken in by any sales promises


thanks for any information chaps

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