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3000 Grafts-Dr Prashant Yadav - Pune India- Done on 1st Jan 2015

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Hi Guys,


I was looking for a doctor from Past July. I met couple of Doctors in Mumbai & 2 Doctors in My City in Pune. After some extensive research i choose to get my treatment done from Dr Prashant Yadav.


So, i planned for the treatment on 1st Jan 2015 [i thought this is the best way i can start my year].


Reached the Clinic at 8 am. A nurse got me dressed in the clinics dress.


After that Doctor took picture of me & than shaved off my head & Marked hairline which we discussed.


The procedure started at approx. 9am & it took him about 2:30 or 3 hours to take 3000 Grafts. Dr Prashant removed all the grafts himself & their were 3-4 nurses assisting him.


I got my first break at around 12pm. I took some tea & biscuits


Till this point the entire procedure was virtually painless for me.


After this they started implanting the grafts &constructing my hairline. Implantation of the grafts was done by his team under his supervision.


My skin was extremely sensitive & hence i required a bit more of anesthesia than usual. This caused a bit of pain during implantation stage.


I got my second break in lunch hours & clinic arrange the same for me.


After lunch my procedure lasted till 6:30 with a break at 4:30pm.


I m attaching my before & after Treatment pictures. Really excited. Looking forward to the result.










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Congratulations! Look forward to updates.

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Congratulations! Look forward to updates.


Thank you! Really excited for the results.


y did u chose this dr? wats the price?


I Choose this doctor based on following criteria-


1. Past Results

2. Feedback from Older Patients

3. Qualification of the Doctor (He is a Plastic Surgeon)

4. Proximity to my location

5. Cost


Its Costed me roughly $1600 for 3000 Grafts. (INR 35/Graft)


Looking forward to the results now.

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