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Turkey Surgery Payment

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Hi, I was wondering what people's experience was when making payment for hair restoration in Turkey with the whole cash payment only option that most surgeons have. I am scheduled with Dr. Erdogan in Feb.


They gave option of paying with Euro or USD and said normal exchange rate would apply with USD but not sure if the exchange rate applied would be the one you see on the Internet or a Bank exchange rate which is not as good.


Anyone got surgery with Turkish docs from US can chime in here? Did you pay in Euro or USD? How about the exchange rates and any tips on getting better exchange rates for carrying the cash?


Thanks for the help

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Is that true that you have to pay in cash? No sure that carrying all the money on your own is a good idea but if that is the way they want it to be. If I were you and purely for financial reasons I would take Euros as you will get a good exchange rate on your Dollars at the moment. As I assume they charge in Euros you will know what you have paid and can be in control as to when you buy the Euros to get the best rate possible.


Otherwise you have no idea what rate they will apply to the conversion. My advice when buying anything or paying for hotels etc abroad is to pay in the local currency then you pay the ticket price so to speak.


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My opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Hasson & Wong.



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