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After doing extensive research I contacted two clinics on the same day in November. I talked to the rep. at clinic A and after looking at some pics I've sent we agreed on the number of grafts and cost. The earliest date available was February 27th. which I stated wasn't the best for me due to my work schedule and that I had time off in January. I asked if I could book Feb. 27 knowing it was 50/50 shot at getting time off then. He said it would be a $1000 deposit and although they weren't legally obligated to give my deposit back he would if I cancelled with a reasonable amount time before that date.


The other clinic I contacted was Shapiro medical group. I was told that I would need to make an appointment for a phone consultation. Two weeks later I talked to Matt,ageed on grafts and cost. He said they had an opening on January 8th. with Dr. Paul which works out perfectly with my schedule. I then told him I had booked an appointment with Dr.##### at clinic A in February. He paused for a second then said that he was very good and I would be in good hands with him. I then asked if I could book Jan. 8 and think it over. He said no problem, it would be $1000 deposit and if I wanted to cancel they had a no questions asked refund policy as long as I did it at least 2 weeks before that date.


After 3 weeks agonizing over this decision I decided to take the January date with SMG simply because it was the only time where I could take a week off this year. On December 29 I contacted the rep at clinic A and informed him that I would have to cancel February 27. He asked why and I started it wasn't anything personal and I simply couldn't get time off then. He asked if I wanted to set something up later in the year to which I replied that had set up an appointment with Shapiro on January 8. He then told me to not see Dr. Paul only Dr. Ron and to make sure he stays in the operating room at all times. He then says that I might not get my deposit back because Matt from SMG has been aggressively lowballing potential customers away from their clinic. I told him 2 months is more than enough heads up and they will easily fill that spot. He said he would talk to the doctor and get back to me. That was five days ago and still haven't heard anything. I feel like I'm being punished for being honest and straightforward and now I'm out a $1000 because of a petty and unprofessional grudge.


That leads me to 2 questions?


Should I try to aggressively get my deposit back from clinic A?


How legitimate is the hair transplant industry? I felt somewhat weary going into this process and the rep. at clinic A although very polite sounded like a seedy used car salesman to me.


Thanks for taking the time to read and I appreciate your feedback.

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