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Help me decide (big 3 question)


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Hey guys! So after plenty of research and lots of less-than-successful experience with simple shampoos, I've come across and decided to try some of the big 3 regimen. Specifically, minoxidil and a ketoconazole shampoo. Am not game to do anything internal at this point like fin.


The problem is there are now several options and I wanted to get people's opinion on here:



Do I go for Rogaine, one of the Kirkland Select generic ones, or Lipogaine?


Ketoconazole shampoo-

Do I go with Nizoral, Regenpure, or, once again, Lipogaine?


I feel I'm now on the right track but, as always, at each step exist many options!



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Personally, I don't think Lipogaine is worth the extra $$. I've used Rogaine and Kirkland in both liquid and foam forms. As long as the products contain 5% minoxidil, they should be equally effective but I prefer foam based products because they dry quickly and are not greasy.


I've also used Nizoral twice weekly for a few years now. I like the ways if smells and makes my hair feel. I have not yet tried any of the others.

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