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Hello All,


Happy New year to all of you.:):):) I have been quietly reading these forums from a few days as i want a HT done in this year. I have been loosing my hair since the age of 20 and i just turned 27. I have never used any medication except that i applied minoxidil 5% on my hair for a month a few years back. I think stopping that was the stupidest thing but i can't go back and change it.


I am not too much concerned about the cost associated with the procedure as i live in India and can shell out b/w 2000 and 3000 $ and in this cost i am hoping to get approx 2500 grafts more or less.


I have a few questions and would appreciate few answers


1) I read in FAQ's that one should be taking medication like finasteride or minoxidil for at least a year before going for operation is it true? i can get a op done in Feb or it will at least be delayed by 6 months as i live in very remote place for work and can't take frequent off. I am taking an off in Jan and Feb for 2 weeks.


2) Are there any recommenced doc apart from Mr Bhatti on FUE in India?. I could only find his name


3) How long will it take for me to recuperate after the op? I want to join work after 10 days of op. Will it be possible? I want to spend a few days with family as well in these vacations.


4) Is it tiresome to maintain the hairline after the op? Do i have to continuously use minoxidil or something similar for lifetime or an year or 2 would do? are there any side effects of it?


5) I have attached some of pictures, it would be nice if i can know how many grafts do i need? I don't want to go for another surgery to be honest next year. If possible i will get a 3000 graft implantation done.


6) If maintained, when would i go bald again? I know this is subjective but it would be nice to know. Also, can it be a case that due to some problem i have to visit the doc again like some allergy etc can happen and i have to again visit the doc. I would like to avoid it as my travel time is approx 72 hours to any metro city in India.


I don't have a donor area problem as i have got more hair on my body then my head. My friends have made enough jokes about it.




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