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Confused - Fue or Fut - Need suggestions ASAP

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I have been suffering from hair loss for an year now. Although things have slowed using propecia I would like to consider hair transplant. I have been categorized as NW 5A


I consulted two doctors in Bangalore -


One advised to go for FUE with 2500 grafts

Other advised to got for FUT and he could get up to 3500 grafts from the scalp


Now I have been reading pros n cons of both procedures but would do with some advice on what procedure to go for.


What concerns me about FUT is the scar even though I m getting a better yield compared to doing the FUE to cover the bald areas


Kindly advice - attached my pics. I need to make a decision soon




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If scar risk concerns you then fue with an honest fue dc would be the preferred choice. Look for a doc that caters their entire time to you during surgery though and does not run a hair transplant mill with numerous patients getting attention the same day of your paid procedure. Good luck.

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I would suggest FUE but not just any old FUE doc.

Some of these FUE clinics or docs that do FUE are pretty shoddy.


Please, choose a well-respected FUE doc. Even if he/she doesn't have many published results. Use Dr. Lorenzo etc., or any of the several good FUE docs you see on this site as a yardstick (a reference) and compare your ideal doc to them.


Re: debate about strip and FUE. It is in a continuous state of flux, but the trend is an inexorable drift towards FUE. Trust nobody who acts as if it is all settled and a,b,c suits strip, and d,e,f suits FUE. Time proves them all wrong.


And medications.

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Well my preference is fue but from what I have been reading it seems FUT gives the better coverage. Is that still true ?

The fue doctor did tell me that he would provide a decent coverage for the hairline which is my main target for now.


Also I am still not clear if for a first time HT should I go for FUT to maximize coverage for the hairline and maybe down the line go for FUE.


Kindly advice - its a dilemma for now. I have two weeks recovery time for FUT which is scheduled for 7th while my FUE is scheduled for 13th so I have yo decide. Both doctors seem pretty good so its about deciding the right step for me

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Well my preference is fue..

....should I go for FUT to maximize coverage for the hairline...FUT which is scheduled for 7th while my FUE is scheduled for 13th so I have yo decide...


You are rushing this, putting yourself under pressure and second-guessing yourself. All natural, but really, you will only add to your confusion asking people to enter the topic.


1) Medications

2) Calmness



FUE is better because you don't have a linear scar. This gives you choices as you age and respond to further loss, fall-of in medication effectiveness, hair colour changes etc.


Strip yields better in many cases, but that is not enough reason to give yourself the scar. Just consider a 3000 strip to pack as much punch as a 3500 FUE but the no scar.


If you go to a poor FUE clinic, you'll get no growth or sub-par growth and be angry, but you still won't have a strip scar.

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Hi Nerdtechie,


Based on the single image you shared may I assume you are of SE Asian lineage? I disagree with your NW5A classification. You're more like a diffused NW6 and you have fine hair. I get a gut feeling that you have a lower than average donor density as well else your FUT estimate would have been higher (assuming the clinic can do larger FUT procedures). Also, you said that you've been suffering from hair loss for one year. Losing so much hair in one year is alarming so my advice is to be smart and don't rush into any surgery at all. Continue to take the medication and if you think it's slowed your loss with more time you may have some regrowth. You have to stabilize your loss as much as possible before you commit to surgery. Regardless of technique, it's a life long result, for better or for worse.

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Agree with Joe, if this is the result of only 1 year's worth of hair loss, something else may be going on - not to alarm you. That would be super aggressive hair loss given such a short period of time. I think surgery when your hair loss is not stabilized will only make matters worse. Given that your hair is so fine, either surgery, FUT or FUE, would result in visible scarring and an overall less than ideal look.

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Hello nerdtechie.

First off who are the drs you consulted with?

Is your hair loss the result of one years loss?

Why do you have to rush so much as most people take years of research before going ahead with a ht.

What the above posters said is all bang on.

Only fools rush in the saying goes now you can rush in and come away with a excellent result or you could come away having made the biggest mistake of your life.

The fact that your asking the questions your asking leads me to believe you have not researched hair transplantation and the drs your considering anywhere near enough.

My advice would to be do nothing except keep asking as many questions as you need to gather enough information that you stand less chance of being in a much worse situation than you are at the moment.

First thing I would ask if I were you is if anyone has any information about the drs you are considering and take it from there.

Have a good day

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Hi all I have had hair loss for a few years but it was alarmingly more around 2012-13. I had been on finast/propecia and minoxodil over last one year including some low level laser hair therapy to stabilize my hair loss which worked well. But due to the increased loss of hair already occurred - I had to look for options for a better overall appearance.


Anyways I have opted for fut for giving me a cleaner overall hairline for now. I have done my research pretty well and did take recommendations before commiting to the surgery and deciding on the procedure


The scar looks pretty alright heading in to day 2 and there is not much pain in fact I can freely move so all good there.


My surgery turned out a little complex due to the scalp being vascular which resulted in the grafts popping out

But overall I managed to get upto 2500 grafts with a decent coverage so that I have a good framing which was my main objective.


Anyways once I think I can post pics I will keep it updated

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Anyways I was only asking questions to get some feedback. Problem is with my vacation being for a month I needed to make sure I have at least have two weeks recovery time and also an experienced surgeon to work on my case


So initial 2 weeks I talked to two docs based on referral from a 3rd doctor who is highly regarded. They are definitely not on the recommended surgeons in the network here but you are limited in options so have to trust with based on what the doctor and how confident he can be based on his experience. Doctor I have talked to is in the field for 20 years so that was definitely a big positive.


Somehow with FUE I think it's still not as mature in India so I was more focussed on FUT with an experieced surgeon. Most top doctors are good at FUT here cost is pretty OK too I got mine done for 1500 usd which was 1/4th the cost of in the USA.

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Anyways I have opted for fut for giving me a cleaner overall hairline for now.


Congratulations..you've done it now, so I wish you the best.


Why does strip give one a 'cleaner hairline' ? I am very curious as to who told you this, and on what basis they justified the claim.


Wait for the two month point before looking critically at the scar, then don't panic if you have shock loss near it. Look for the fibrous white tissue and the widening gap. After 8-10 months I think you'll know the score. Of course you could go back for more hair in future and then it is another dice roll. Meantime, just make sure you have not got puss and blood, and don't move your neck.


Good luck.


Cleaner hairline? ..do tell!

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Yeah I am just being cautiously optimistic here.


I am still on day 2 so its a long way ahead but my whole idea for the surgery is to give me a good framing view .


I had to save my donor hairs which are about average just in case I opt for an FUE down the line to cover a little of the backside hence it was taken in mind regarding that.


By cleaner hairline I am taking face framing here which is the main objective. So he advised to get that fixed and focus on that with this surgery esp since I had limited donor supply

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