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How effective are surgical hair restoration?

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I have been suffering from hair loss for past 2 years. I wasn't much interested in hair transplant or similar invasive surgical procedures. So I tried several natural methods that were suggested by my friends, but nothing worked as I expected. After months of suffering, I went to a hair transplant clinic at Toronto. The hair specialist said that the problem can be treated with a hair transplant surgery. I don’t like that option very much, but I have suffered enough and have decided to proceed. I want an external opinion on the effectiveness and results of this surgery before proceeding. I just need a general opinion. Are these hair transplant procedures effective in stopping hair loss problems? Is the money spent worth it?

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What s the extent of your hairloss and what norwood level would you categorize it as currently? If you proceed with hair transplant, tread carefully and look for a doc that will focus on you and only you the day of your surgery. Get it in writing prior to paying any deposit or arranging a booking. Good luck

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