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Update on Patient’s BHT Results With 1300 New Grafts - Dr. Umar

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This patient had initially undergone a strip surgery procedure. However, his results were quite disappointing. His crown remained bald. Some growth had manifested on the hairline and frontal scalp which created an awkward island of hair.




In his interview, he said, “ I previously had more of a wall of hair and that was not very satisfactory as my hair started to recede.” Click here to watch his video from the first procedure.


During his initial surgery, the patient received 2600 grafts of head and nape hair. These were inserted to improve his coverage and create a more normal looking appearance. 300 grafts of beard hair were applied to camouflage the strip scar.


The patient was quite happy with his improvement. In his video, remarking, “ Being able to use Dr. Umar’s procedure really enabled me to have a very natural head of hair.”


This year, the patient decided to improve upon his 2010 results with an additional 1300 body hair grafts. These were added to improve upon the existing level of density. Here are photos of his results, shown six months following surgery.











Representing Dr. Umar of DermHair Clinic.


Dr. Umar is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network

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