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How come doc's in Brazil, Thailand, and Turkey charge so much more than in India?

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My assumption is every doc in the world is charging the absolute most he can get away with.


The recommended docs here from Brazil and Thailand charge just about the most in the world. The recommended docs here from Turkey charge a drop less.


But the recommended docs from India and Pakistan charge almost nothing, with Dr. Madhu charging only 85 cents a graft, and the rest charging just a bit more. These docs can charge so little because salaries are low in India and Pakistan. And most of their clients are locals, so they cannot get away with charging more.


Salaries are also low in Thailand and Brazil and to a lesser extent Turkey. Yet the doc's there charge so much more. I wonder how this market dynamic persists.

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Thailand has a thriving medical tourism industry where India does not. A surgeon's reputation would also play a part.


Compare the countries PPP, GDP or CPI and it will give you a better understanding. Consumer Price Index of Sydney is 117, Rio 74.4 Bangkok 50.2 and Hyderabad 26 which indicates the cost of living is quite different in these countries. I recently had a consultation with an Australian HT surgeon with a quote of $15000(aus) compare that to my quote of $4900 or $7072 from two Thailand doctors for the same procedure.


I have had two HT procedures and my second I flew from Australia to Hyderabad for surgery cost of $2800 and in my case the old adage 'you get what you pay for' was spot on.

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If you look through his post history you will see oz claimed he had in his opinion about 15% growth with dr madhu.So yes I think he's saying it was a bust.

Waste of time.

Waste of money.

Most importantly a waste of priceless donor hair.

Have a nice day

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With the exception of one or two recommended docs, India is the place to go if you want an "OK" result commensurate with a bottom dollar budget.


You DO get what you pay for. Go see Lorenzo, Feriduni, Mwamba, Bisanga, Konior, Feller etc and you'll likely come away with a gold standard result.


Go with the Indians and the Turks and you could end up with a great result at half the cost of the premier league guys but you run a greater chance of ending up gutted and facing the prospect of having to do a repair.


Frankly, I think the Turkish docs are massively overrated and the forum has a number of so-so results that bear little resemblance to the flurry of killer results pics that accompanied their arrival onto the recommended list. Rumours about techs doing extractions and incisions don't instill confidence either.


Thailand has a couple of world class docs and, given the quality of the results they produce, I don't think they're expensive at all.

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India has Dr. Radha (FUT ) , I think besides her there is Really No Other Doctor to waste time OR Money .... the Sales Reps will try to deceive you into beliving that we are at par with European standards or American Standard and we Hold a Lot of Value for our patients etc .... BUT in the end there are just wanting your Money .... MOney .... and if the Results come wonderful ... then YEAH WE DID IT .... if it Fails .... well your "X" Factor BS .... Runnn AWAY from such people ..... go to the top notches as mentioned by Cryinoutloud .

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To olmert, I am now more interested in focusing on my third and final HT and getting a 'gold standard result' and so would love some feedback and assistance in making the most informed decision.


Well written Cryingoutloud and 1966kph, I do now have precious finite done hair remaining and I still want to aesthetically improve my hairline. I have decided to head to USA/Canada (from Aus), I am considering (in no particular order):


Dr Feller

Dr Shapiro

Dr Konior

Dr Bernstein

H & W


Apologies if the photos are lacking clarity. eg. photos are 24 months post second HT and I have two separate strip scars.



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Hello oz.

Out of the list you mentioned and seen as you have two scars and are looking at this as being your last ht I would go with H&W for the following reasons.

They are probably the worlds best at the fut mega session.

The scars left behind are amongst the finest you could get.

The amount of grafts they can acquire in each ht while producing the finest of scars and due to the numbers the best coverage and density are IMO unsurpassed.

I suggest looking through their vast gallery for a better idea of the possible outcome they could achieve for you.

With a fut mega session it is essential you do scalp stretching exercises for months before getting in the chair.

They may well also be able to leave you with the one scar if your two aren't that far apart.

This is all assuming you dont mind going the fut route of course.

Good luck with whoever you choose.

Have a nice day

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