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Hi, I had 3 HTs at the age of 20,21 and 22 in the years 1983-1985. A large regret. I will say this to any young man reading. Do not rush into a HT! Postpone it by using the many options that were not available in my day.


I think the hair transplant I received was descent for its time, but still obvious and "pluggy". Luckily the surgeon was competent and gave me what I consider a good hairline (not too low). I have been considering another HT for many years and have been to probably 6 or 7 consultations over the years here in the Atlanta Georgia area. I am a Norwood VI and I do NOT have enough head donor grafts to do full coverage on my head, and not even close. For this reason the concept of Body Hair FUE HT is very appealing to me.


I have consulted with Dr. Griffin ( years ago), Dr. Cole ( last year), and others. In general I probably have approximately 1500 head donor Grafts that I can safely afford. I am fine with not having a full head of hair, I just want it to look reasonably natural.


I have read on the topic of FUE for years and I always thought that the "Strip" was more wasteful of graphs and that overall a good FUE surgeon would get more graphs than a strip session. I have read on this forum that dormant hairs in a "Strip" are NOT transplanted and are discarded, and that these dormant grafts are usually 10 - 20%..... , but I recently read Dr. Shapiro's entry with the interpretation that he is stating "Strip"will allow for more density. Can anyone clarify which method is more efficient with usage of donor area?


In my last consultation the HT surgeon told me it was a wash whether I chose "Strip" or FUE given my situation.....


My personal situation: I am willing to travel, but it would be nice to have a surgeon in this area.

I would much appreciate some advice and direction on what surgeons would be good for me to consider and I would appreciate the thought behind the selection if possible.


thanks for your time

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