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Dr. Jean Devroye

Very natural result, 3150 grafts for 7050 hair- Dr DEVROYE

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This 69 years old patient never had any hair transplant. He has very thin hair but they are curly, which is a positive factor.

The density is excellent, with 93 FU per cm?? and a theoretical amount of 1.88 hair per graft. (see picture)

The strip measure 24.5 cm *1.5 cm so 36.75 cm??.

So we should have 3655 grafts and 6886 hair. Finally, we reached 3150 grafts for 7050 hair, so 2.24 hair per graft (725 FU1, 1241FU2, 893 FU3, 291 FU4).

This shows that, contrary to a widespread practice, we do not subdivide our follicles but we use to couple on the same graft 2 very close FU.

Thanks to the pairing technique there is a higher proportion of FU2, FU3 and FU4 than on the actual donor zone.

The advantage is that we give a better density by using richer grafts, and the cost of the surgery is reduced for the patient.

The result was already very promising after three months, but it has improved after 6 months. After one year, it became very natural.


This is a good illustration of the gradual evolution of hair texture, in fact the hair transplanted become thicker months after months.

As the vertex was not covered, the patient wants a second hair transplant. In my own opinion, it is not essential. The trichophytic closure gave a very discreet result.


Dr. Jean Devroye MD





994105665_D64ECE9F20589FF2252BFE9CA739A05B.jpg.thumb 925105665_F9AE483113ED6F4E8D0388A07719371F.jpg.thumb 915105665_DE44385A09A3C69D8CE20F0C5B801A07.jpg.thumb 905105665_F2A0E73BA510F40B94DE22CBB76C9FC9.jpg.thumb 894105665_29872962C06B0F685295C83B8F5DA67C.jpg.thumb 825105665_276FC9DBAA7B4ECD130DFC9E1F106B7E.jpg.thumb 815105665_7B891CF30A80EFA702A7A9E2F0942746.jpg.thumb 805105665_2AB24C812E528178B585427AC43335C3.jpg.thumb 794105665_A903A50BF7406241B50415ACB6A747A7.jpg.thumb 725105665_0D1F7CDC3C9B4A20F4F0CE054B7BC5DF.jpg.thumb 715105665_40C4E00AA7C7B55FC205B727D9ECFF47.jpg.thumb 705105665_A40C2F4483A859415C91468424766F4A.jpg.thumb 694105665_21E37BA6E13F02EE0C595FBD0895997D.jpg.thumb 625105665_3C954203BA4D2ACB0D48ECE95BA48F61.jpg.thumb 615105665_89C16BFF5448D1FDFCC93D953BF1A2E9.jpg.thumb 605105665_5DFA9A64E5368E264BBE983CAD712924.jpg.thumb 525105665_2C730C4FF7FD761EFC02D2F4FAF0C543.jpg.thumb 515105665_51082595685BF9D1B8BFAE86ED6F64F4.jpg.thumb 505105665_017D938347EE28F51A54B9D43FC46C51.jpg.thumb 425105665_872D85B349AEA73637AA36376603E38E.jpg.thumb 415105665_8D8C06FE61B3BAECE97CD4C218E002D6.jpg.thumb 405105665_5E1A0A7C64F93410F44FA509521CF543.jpg.thumb 325105665_C694A8818A1BAB9DDA92E77114A4801F.jpg.thumb 315105665_2536087380A68EDC268BE9FE6C682312.jpg.thumb 305105665_AF4A65A4A126A6CE613E91A674A8316F.jpg.thumb 235105665_00C7BD7DBDA133DCBC6CD18EAC80595B.jpg.thumb 225105665_13A7A4FEDE730B74F3613D055EA2A12F.jpg.thumb 215105665_469BC54F8B25D11185923FCC8EB670AC.jpg.thumb 205105665_FAA16847602ABC4F9FB32948657E310B.jpg.thumb 135105665_DC62D95A4807037E68E461AD684A30A6.jpg.thumb 125105665_89F0B4D878D2634C4F2CA02AA80F25BA.jpg.thumb 115105665_2FCC20D8DE4E6773F960924079C39F00.jpg.thumb 105105665_11A592971C718C02F171E066B55B2AB3.jpg.thumb



Dr. Jean Devroye

HTS Clinic - Bruxelles

Email: info@drdevroye.com

Telephone: +32 2 880 70 60

Website: http://www.hair-transplant-surgery.com/en/home

Online consultation: https://www.hair-transplant-surgery.com/en/Online-consultation

Devroye Instruments: http://www.devroyeinstruments.com

Dr. Devroye is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

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Very nice result

I am the owner/operator of AHEAD INK a temporary/non-permanent Scalp Micropigmentation Company in the New York area. AHEAD INK is a Milena Lardi trained clinic and uses Beauty Medical equipment and products exclusively.

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