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Results of Medication


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I have gone through the forum but i have not found any thread of Hair Growth results by using medication. So starting this thread where people who have seen growth results by using medication can help others



Its been 2months now that i have started taking Propecia 1mg and applying minoxidil 5% twice a day. I have seen tiny little hairs coming out from the parts where i was going bald(Like baby hair) and now i am not sure whether these hair will grow back to full size/density or are damaged hair which will not grow. Can anyone help me about these baby hair confusion. I have read about these tiny hair growing back in many of HT results threads, I'll be really happy if they grow back like normal hair in next few months.:D


I think im NW3 and been losing hair from past 8 months.

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I've started using around the same time as yourself so to early to say.


I don't think I've lost anything, I mean the dread shed stuff but I have notice my hair gone thinner so I'm hoping that's a good sign.


They say if you shed or nothing seem to change in several mths then that's a good thing, also to a certain degree I guess....not sure about my situation tho.


I haven't a clue about your baby hairs but I think I've read something like this from several people it to me all sounds positive tho.


Best thing is stick it out as this is a life time commitment medication.


Good luck, good post dude.

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