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90% sure I want a HT. Which UK surgeon?

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I believe I'm a norwood 3 male pattern baldness, hair receding at the front but don't THINK there's any loss on the crown. Dyeing it black for Halloween was a bad move though! Worst colour contrasted with my pale skin!


I was seriously considering Dr. Raghu Reddy after a consultation with one of his clinic's reps but after watching some results on youtube I'm now not sure, although the HT's were performed on men with hair loss more severe than my own. Still, mine is VERY thin at the front now, and has definitely been getting worse every couple of months for the past year, so I've decided I'm going for it.


I'm 27, and have been advised by two reps to take propecia first and continue indefinitely, due to my age resulting in a high likelihood of continued hair loss. I had my doubts about propecia but I'm starting to think the side effects are a risk I can take without too much worry (if anyone thinks otherwise please tell me and explain why).


But where should I go for the best treatment? I don't want to have to repeat the procedure, I can't afford it, and a botched job would be worse than shaving my head cos I'd still have to pay all that money.


Here are some pics, I was feeling brave so took them under a bright light.







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Have you started taking the propecia yet? I would take it for a year or two before you consider a hair transplant to make sure you won't lose any more in the future. What if you have one done then you lose the hair behind it, it may look a bit odd! Having said that your hair loss isn't that bad so a hair transplant done with a good surgeon would give you a really good look, it's just future loss is all i'd worry about. I wouldn't get it done in the UK tbh as there arn't that many good surgeons here, there are much better surgeons abroad and it can be reasonably priced.

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Crown looks solid. You have A pattern loss, which in my opinion is the best type to have if you are getting a transplant. Without a doubt you should be on finasteride. I think you should do a minimum of a month or two of research to choose a doctor.

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Well done on being brave enough to post your photos up. Propecia is advisable to anyone who is going to get a transplant especially at your age. That combined with a transplant into the frontal third of your scalp would give you the best chance of not having to go through the procedure again. But there are no guarantees that you won't start to think out in the mid scalp. Provided you are not looking to be too aggressive with your hairline placement you should be ok.


As Spanker said the crown looks good now but hair loss is unpredictable so you just don't know where you will be in 5-10 years time, meds will greatly reduce that chance of further loss here but not guarantee it.


Don't just stick to your own country, whilst there are options in the UK many guys choose to go abroad. Read and learn on the forums and have some online consultations with some Doctors you like the look of their results.


Above all meet some patients who have had surgery so you know what a HT can look like.


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My opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Hasson & Wong.



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