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Online Dating success post op


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Like a lot of people on this forum I've dappled in world of online dating (and did OK for myself) but called it a day whilst going though the motions of a HT and recovery process. I will be re - joining the online dating scene in the next few months or so but wondered how many of you noticed an increased success rate in views and actual dates following HT? If so by how much did views and dates increase by?

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I don't do online dating but I am very interested in it and its connection to how hair and hairstyle relates to scoring views and how people profile themselves in accordance to their perceived attractiveness etc.


When I buzz my hair off, I look terrible in straight on mug shots and I am certain that I would get more hits/views when I grow out my hair. On the other hand, I like the feel of a buzzed head and often seem to feel better in it, even if I don't look better.


So there's the bind, look good for a mug shot, get the attractiveness factor up, get the 'views' and roll with the confidence that brings or screw all that and just look average and hope that you do better 'on the inside' and be eternally and internally optimistic rather than outwardly, if superficially confident. In a world based on social media and profile pics, selfies and short concentration spans I guess it is a no brainer and i suppose it is no co-incidence that buzzed heads are no longer fashionable, at least for white and asian guys in the facebook/internet dating era.

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I can't speak for online dating before my surgery in 2006 but I can comment that when I tried online dating from around 2008 until 2011 on and off that hair is very important to woman and how you style your hair matters. That said every woman is different and for all the woman who like a grown out messy style just as many will like a buzz cut.


When my hair gets longer it starts to get wavy and some woman really liked that I had a photo in my profile with my hair that way. One girl actually told me to my face on a date she was really disappointed my hair was cut short and wasn't wavy. My wife now who I met online likes my hair longer and when it is wavy.


My advice take some honest shots that look like you do in person the number of dates I went on where they didn't resemble their photos was incredible. Remember online dating is very much a numbers game, many woman will not be serious and are there for attention/chat only if you don't take it too seriously or personally you will enjoy yourself.


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Dr. Victor Hasson and Dr. Jerry Wong are esteemed members of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians.


My opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Hasson & Wong.



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Interesting topic,


Online dating is something that I have been recently hearing more and more success stories from. In fact one of my close friends just got married through an online dating site and they both were very happy with the process.


About how a hair transplant can affect your success rate, I say it shouldn't be different than dating in person as long as you can see each others photos and not using pictures from years ago!

Parsa Mohebi, M.D.

Medical Director of

Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration


Dr. Parsa Mohebi is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network

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