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Differing assessments from surgeons

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Recently sent off pictures to a selection of surgeons. Most responded by telling me that I required around 3000-3300 grafts FUE so I thought that I had a good idea of what I needed.


One surgeon (in Turkey but shall remain nameless) came back informing me that I required 5000-6000 grafts. I was shocked by this, it's left me wondering whether this surgeon is simply trying to get extra money or whether the other surgeons have underestimated what I need. Is it common practice for some surgeons to do this?

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Each surgeon has their own approach. I wouldn't automatically assume the graft estimate is a ploy for more money. It may be that this surgeon is simply more aggressive or envisions your restoration plan differently. 5,000 - 6,000 FUE grafts is a big case; I would definitely ask a lot of questions about yield, extraction methods, et cetera, if considering this approach.


KO brings up a good point as well; share some images and see what the community thinks!


Good luck.

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You can always use more hair. They can never move as many as you lost.


You will look better the more you move. Even with 6000 grafts, you won't have as much hair as you used to. It is subjective how many are enough.

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How can anyone on this thread even comment on a graft number - we don't have enough information???


What is your age, how much hair loss do you have, where does the doc suggest transplanting the hair, etc etc etc. Once you provide more information, and photos, then the posters can give a more educated guess.

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