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FUT these days?

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Does any Patiens still prefer/want to do FUT instead of FUE? and if yes, is it soley because of the higher number of graft available in 1 session? or is price difference big?


The reason i ask is that i myself has this dilemma, i have made a thread in the FUE section

( to fue, or not to fue) where i seek advice and help. There is pictures attached there,but ill attach here also, so that i can get some advice here also.


The reason i consider FUT now, is that someone said that i may need up to 4.000 grafts, to get a satisfying result.? The € Price is not my concern, but the fact that i want to make this one HT and fingers crossed, that it will last a long long time. And if i make a lesser graft FUE session, and need to book another one down the line. And hopefully now in 2014, the scarring

is minimal ?


quick info : 27yrs , losing steady since 19yrs, was figuring it would stabilize earlier as my father etc, but did not. just starter minox5% <1week ago, and the doc said to give it 3-4 months before he would send me to a specialist in which is the only way to get prescription for Propecia here.






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Unfortunately your hair loss is likely to progress even to a NW6 down the road. I doubt you will be able to avoid multiple procedures wether you choose FUT or FUE. If you select your physician wisely, yield should not be the deciding factor but rather having a large permanent occipital scar or not is.

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While it is possible he will advance to a NW6, I think getting on medications can potentially prevent that possibility. The first step of course, is finasteride, and even consider dutasteride if you wish.



I would NOT wait 3 months before getting on the drug, that is utterly ridiculous.

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Ok, thanks guys. I will talk with my Doctor again and get a hold of Fin asap.


Lets say i can go on Fin without any big sides, and that the minox5% gives me back some

thickness up top. What am i looking at aprox? graft wise.?

Or even if i don't, but the loss don't progress as of now?


ive consulted a few top docs online, but awaiting response from all before i decide.

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I would say you are looking at 4k strip, or 3k fue the another 2k after you've grown out. Most pts will go for multiple procedures so don't let that be a deciding factor. You'll very likely progress to a NW6 and at least a 5, so you should be reasonable with the hairline height.

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I had much more hair than u at 27, and similar balding pattern. I'm now 36' im a nw 5a, progressing to a nw 6. I have booked my first procedure, fue with Dr bisanga for doc 9 and 10. Looking to do mature hairline, 2800 grafts to frontal , and then second op of 2200 to crown down the road.

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Hey buddy!


I think what the guys have advised is pretty spot on with your case.


Once you kick into the medication game hopefully this will improve the vertex to crown area, your frontal loss would only require minimal amount of grafts to make a huge difference IMO.


The FUT or FUE debate would remain open as it is honestly boils down to both personal preference and what the physician recommends is going to be more beneficial.


Good luck in your endeavours sir!





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