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What should I expect with 2300 grafts Dr. Edmond I. Griffin?

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Without a crystal ball it can be a difficult task to demonstrate what is possible with a HT surgery prior to a procedure. Before and After examples give the best impression. But not all patients are the same. Here is a patient with dark very fine hair. He prefers not to use pharmaceuticals to maintain his hair, but instead would like a more "natural" remedy. Propecia and Minoxidil to date do not have many "natural" products that have as proven a track record with hair loss prevention. Low level red light has some benefits as well as the other natural supplements, vitamins and minerals that we will not review at this time. See our website for more details. Is it realistic to expect a "full" head of hair with surgery? What if you are not preventing further hair loss either? This case shows a very nice improvement with 2,320 FUG from strip harvest, resulting in 4,904 hairs. Is it completely full? No, but it looks natural and you can see an increase in overall hair volume, despite what is likely going to be more progressing hair loss in the future, unless prescription medications are used. Any additional surgery will give him even more fullness and coverage. But without preventing further hair loss, maximum coverage can be a challenge.









Hair Restoration Specialist with Dr. Edmond I. Griffin and Dr. Ashley R. Curtis of The Griffin Center of Hair Restoration in Atlanta, GA 1-800-806-4247 Our patient goal is to create imperceptible and natural looking hair transplant results.

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