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First off I'm so happy to see this website which is dedicated to helping your fellow friends.


I have 3 transplant surgeries and have not achieved the results I had hopped for. The last of which was with dr. Elliot in Newport Beach, ca. Without completing a detailed search I later found out that he was debarred in the state of penn. The most important issue for me besides most grafts not growing are the scars in the back of my head.


Can anyone please shed light ion who the best fue doctor is. I have been suggested drs. Reddy and Lorenzo. Can people that have gone to either share their experiences? I want to see who more progressive, can make the most density and repair my scar since I prefer the buzz look. Any unbiassed feedback would mean the world to me. Thanks

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I had 3 earlier FUTs at NHI in LA. The first was a megasession of 3600 grafts following by 1200 and 800. This was in the early 90's and in 2000 so no microscopes were used. Post op care was nearly nonexistent and Dr Rassman though scheduled to do the 2nd and 3rd procedure bailed on the day of surgery and I subsequently was operated on by one his revolving associates. If I had to do it over again I would have taken a far different approach as none of these practices are considered acceptable by today's standard. That said despite being a NW6, due to excellent density and hair characteristics I had a fairly decent result up until 5 years ago when at age 55 the temporal areas began to noticeable dip leaving gaps. The native hairs in the front and top also disappeared leaving me with a "pluggy" look at the hairline for the first time.


I revisited Dr. Rassman( essentially retired )who recommended SMP which I quickly rejected after he allowed me to watch one of his patients having this done. He also referred me to Dr. Umar for BHT who I met with on two subsequent occasions

Considering my wide scar, tight scalp and limited donor supply in the back I concluded on my own that FUE was my only remaining option. I then started to research FUE and consulted via email with 2 additional FUE surgeons. I narrowed the choice to Dr. Lorenzo for the following reasons.

1) he does FUE exclusively and has years of experience.

2) he has provided a large volume of high resolution videos with hair parted in multiple directions and both wet and dry. No blurred images or distracting classical background music, just clear results to evaluate objectively.

3) He does both extractions and implantations himself so the results posted are his results and should therefor be relatively consistent which they are.

4) He uses a manual punch. As a procedural physician myself I know how important tactile feel is.

5) Most importantly his advice was conservative and understated as opposed to the other consults who advised more of the "swing for the fences" approach.


I did proceed with my first FUE in Manchester back in March. I had1500 scalp grafts placed from the hairline to 1/2 of the way back on top. 300 beard grafts were put into the FUT scar. I am now at 7.5 months and the results have far exceeded my expectations. My hair looks better than in did 15 yrs ago and from what I can tell all of the grafts including the beard ones grew. Now that I have salt and pepper coloring the illusion of thickness is even more pronounced. Honestly I could stop now and be satisfied but I am scheduled to have another 1500 scalp grafts presumably to place in the crown area next month.


I do not know much about Dr. Reddy other that the one recent case posted that showed a very nice result.

He however is one of the most expensive and may as previously commented be best considered for smaller sessions. I doubt you could go wrong with either. I might add that as a fellow physician I was very impressed with Dr. Lorenzo's laser like focus during the procedure and the obvious passion and pride that he shows in his work.

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