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Looking for a good recommendations for SMP and Scar repair In the San Francisco area

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Hey guys i was looking for some help finding a good Smp and or scar repair in the San Francisco area. I have a linear scar across the back of my head from a previous hair transplants and it looks like a smiley face across the back of my head and im looking for the best option to get it fixed. Any help would be great. Thanks for your time guys.

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Hi Bizz


during my time at HIS i worked alongside a gentlemen named John out of San Francisco clinic. He is capable of performing some great scar work. I have since moved on from HIS to my own clinic, but if hes still there you'll be in good hands.


if you describe the characteristics of your scar a bit, or send over a photo, i can help assess for you. But i would definitely stop into the San Fran clinic and meet with John.



I'm an SMP Practitioner and Educator with 5+ years in the industry. I wear the treatment proudly!


The Co-Founder and Lead Specialist at HeadStrong NY - a boutique SMP Clinic in NYC

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