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NW2 and thinning all over the head (is it just MPB?)


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So, I'm at about NW2 frontal recession right now, and it doesn't even truly bother me. What bothers me is the thinning I've experienced almost equally all over my head. I would say I've lost about 60% of all my hair (I used to have a lot) and most of what's left is thin. I still have enough for it not to be a major visual downgrade, but I don't think for much longer. I'm not sure if it's all just MPB or if maybe only the recession is MPB but my thinning is another condition just coinciding with MPB? There is a a random dime sized area on the side of the head towards the back of the head that is almost completely bald. That's not really MPB, right? What's happening to my hair? Any ideas are appreciated.




I forgot to mention that I'm not only losing hair on my scalp. I've also lost a lot of pubic hair, hair under my arm pits, and some of my eye brows.


My beard and the hair on my arms and legs is fine.

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I think you should consult, in person, a recommended doctor. Sounds like dupa but it could be something else.

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This is a question that can really only be answered by a physician familiar with your case. Like Spanker said, you should see a trusted doctor in person.


Having said that, the description sounds suspicious for auto-immune alopecia. The "dime size area" on a region of your scalp not normally associated with androgenic alopecia (patterned hair loss) sounds like alopecia areata. The alopecia in the eybrows, axilla (armpit), and pubic region sounds like alopecia universalis - a variant of alopecia areata.


However, this is pure conjecture. See a doctor and undergo a proper evaluation. Good luck!

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thank you for the answers


My free t3 and free t4 seem normal but my reverse t3 is over 200 :confused: almost 10x the limit of the reference range.


ever seen that before in hair loss people?


weird thing is I still have the recession too. could it be that my thyroid issue causes recession (weaker hair goes first???). my thyroid could explain the overall thinning but not necessarily the recession.

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